Made for People, not for the Equipment

We recently celebrated our 6th anniversary. It has been an eventful journey of serving Pilates and Gyrotonic communities with the purpose of improving the overall experience while practicing the methods. There has been a continuous growth of knowledge and experience in our company.  We are grateful to all our customers for their trust and to our ambassadors for their immense support!

See ELEMENTS Ambassadors in action on our Instagram profile.

The most beautiful part of the whole experience has been our sole focus on people and how ELEMENTS help people feel better and move better. We made you happy offering ELEMENTS in your favourite colour. We made your client emotional as they felt cared for. We surprised you with improved Fuzzies and fancy faux fur straps and super soft Wide Slings. And we also made ELEMENTS to your measure! 

Time ago, there was a customer asking a question, via email, that made me take extra time to carefully format the reply. I much prefer in person communication, including video calls, as they have the non-verbal part of communication too, which shows and gives so much more than written words. She asked: Which straps are the best for the Tower? I ended up making a video and talking about variety of straps and the benefits of using them. 

Today, my reply is super concise:  

ELEMENTS are for people, not for the equipment. Tell me about your client… 

The reason WHY we started ELEMENTS in the first place and HOW we continuously expand our offer is: To make people comfortable!  From our first 3 products: bench cover, Pilates Loop and Roll, and Small Double Loops that were meant to make my sister and myself more comfortable, we grew into specialists for Pilates and Gyrotonic equipment accessories. People have been contacting us and asking for Shoulder Loops, Lumbar Belt, Standing Straps, Hanging Straps, adjustable Fuzzies, Cuffs (see all), and more that would make them feel and move better. They are all experienced teachers who felt the need for additional tools.

Pilates and/or Gyrotonic teacher are noble professions. Our work helps people to improve their lives. We are delighted that ELEMENTS play part in this. There is a perfect pair of ELEMENTS for all body sizes and shapes, levels of fitness and types of exercises you wish to practice. 

ELEMENTS have you covered for your Personal Straps and all needed for your studio, including the covers for all Gyrotonic equipment.

For more information about ELEMENTS visit our website, Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

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