Why Continuing Your Education is Important for Pilates Instructors

Getting and staying educated is a crucial element to becoming a master instructor. You always want to be learning! If you just completed your teacher training, you might find it hard to believe there is anything left to learn after all those hours of practice, study, and training. Oh, but there is!

Once you begin teaching classes in the real world (and I know all my veteran instructors understand), you realize that there is still so much more to know about being a Pilates instructor. Whether you want to find your niche and unlock all the information about it, or you simply want to broaden your knowledge, continuing education workshops are a key element to mastering your skills.

Here are 3 top reasons you should continue your education:

  1. It will inspire you.
    • It’s so easy to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Taking other people’s classes, attending conferences, and participating in workshops can open your eyes to different ways of doing things. There are so many incredible Pilates Instructors to learn from and you can find them both in person and on-line.
  2.  Grow your community.
    • Growing your Pilates community is key to growing as a teacher. Whether these friends are virtual friends or local friends, these relationships have the potential to unlock opportunities for you. It’s also common to feel alone when you’re focused so hard on your practice. Branching out and connecting with like-minded people is a great way to not only support each other but to also learn from each other.
  3.  Find your niche.
    • Being a master Pilates instructor doesn’t mean you have to be a master at everything. Finding a speciality that fits you can be the most rewarding thing! Maybe you want to teach a specific type of clientele (athletes or seniors) or maybe you really love the fitness element of Pilates (like me). While narrowing your scope of practice may feel like you’re saying no to future clients, it actually allows you to attract and have a deeper connection with your ideal clients and become well known for your speciality.

Hopefully, I sold you on all the benefits of continuing education and you’re now ready to dive headfirst into all the options out there for you to learn. If so, here are 3 tips from my best selling

Pilates Workshop Good to Great to Awesome:
1. Take other people’s classes.
2. Attend Conferences and Workshops.
3. Take classes on presentation skills.

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