The magic on Cadi with ELEMENTS Level Loops 

At Momentum World, 2022 has been eventful and successful, yet we are only halfway through it. It’s delightful to see the planning for the PMA 2022 Conference & Expo and we look forward to seeing you all there. It will be the highlight of the year!

The PMA 2018 Conference was the very first stage for ELEMENTS to shine, both products and the team were so well-received. This gave us the boost to continue delivering the best we can to keep the momentum going and provide you with the world-class products.

A bit of a history for those who don’t know us:

ELEMENTS was created with the intention to enhance Pilates and Gyrotonic practises and bring colours to the studios. Both methods give us amazing equipment, but there was room to improve how we experience them. My mission was to create the connection between us and the equipment, what we hold in our hands or have around our feet, the most comfortable and good looking, so the users have the luxurious experience and fully enjoy the classes.

Cadillac Playground with ELEMENTS

The first inventions were Pilates Reformer Loop and Roll straps, as a solution to chafed hands after doing arm series. Many others followed: covers for Gyrotonic apparatus, Small Y, different sizes of Double loops, Shoulder Loops — all in order to offer straps to fit the person’s size and needs and match the exercise.

Fast forward 4 years later:

There is a whole ELEMENTS collection of inventions and innovations that includes: Wide Sling, Long Sling, Lumbar Belt, Jumbo Loops, Fuzzies, and the latest Level Loops. They all can be used around the studio, but the magic happens with the Level Loops on the Cadi.

Level Loops can be paired with any other ELEMENTS: Pilates Loop and Roll, Double Loops, all Slings, Roll Handles, and used for various exercises in a safe set-up. You can support the full body by using two sets of Level Loops. The photo shows all the aforementioned equipment and more. For ideas on how to use them follow our Instagram page where our ambassadors are showing sequences and will have teaching courses ready soon.

Creative Process

Currently, I’m most excited about the Level Loop as they are the newest and potentially my best invention so far, they have a big potential for innovative exercising.

They were created from the idea to be able to adjust the Fuzzies height without having to take them off the bars. It might sound simple when put in one sentence, however, it was a few months’ long process guided by a few angels.

A client requested ELEMENTS Fuzzies with an adjustable belt. Once that was done, I started wondering how to lower them all the way to the Cadillac bed VS having only the limited range of heights. This would be so beneficial for clients in rehabilitation and for those who need to build the strength before doing full inversion exercises. After a short time, I came up with Adjustable Extension Loops, shown on our Instagram page.

When she saw my video, the angel number 2 said: “So, you can adjust them without taking them off the bars!?!” Since that was not the case, I was back to playing with the ribbons and buckles. Soon after, the angel number 3, asked me for a combination of ELEMENTS Shoulder Loops and Adjustable Extension Loops, plus she wanted to use them on a high, not easily accessible fixture. This is where a solution was presented: interlocking another loop that will serve as a fixed connection and a support for the main adjustable body of the strap. We now have it!

ELEMENTS Level Loops have a clip at the end of the adjustable belt and the interlocked top loop. Any strap, cuff or sling can be attached to them, and the new creative playing can start.

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Ana Mariana Sosic

Founder and Owner, Momentum World


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