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Education is Key to the Success of Pilates Instructors

Even through these past two years of Covid, Pilates, as an industry, has seen tremendous growth. Thanks to virtual, it is more available, affordable, and accessible than ever.

What is more, the fear, uncertainty, and changes that have permeated our lives during the pandemic highlighted the need for self-care. The pandemic has also made clear that being of sound mind and body is equally as important as strength and fitness for a healthy immune system, to manage anxiety and for mental health support. Pilates is perfectly aligned to support clients in this way while also providing safe spaces where clients can start to return to in-person experiences. As a result, interest in Pilates is poised to keep growing and, in turn, as a profession, the demand for highly qualified instructors will continue to grow.

Education is key to our success as Pilates instructors.

Education has always been the hallmark of highly qualified Pilates instructors—passed down from Joe to our Elders and so on. This is one of the reasons Pilates continues to grow, even as other forms of fitness struggle. Clients understand this, studio owners and facility owners understand this, and you understand this as well.

When just starting out, choosing which Pilates program to enroll in is challenging. You are likely considering philosophy of curriculum, program graduate results, opportunities for networking and continued growth, and global brand recognition. As the Director of Education for Balanced Body, these are the key elements that inspire me every day as I work with our Master Instructor team to bring you the most current and valuable educational experience possible. Our singular goal is to elevate you as an instructor and, in so doing, our profession as a whole.

So, what differentiates Balanced Body® Education from other nationally-recognized professional education programs? The Balanced Body curriculum brings movement science to movement education.

Designed by Nora St. John, each course teaches you how to look at the body in front of you, how to apply the Pilates repertoire to what you see, and to understand what is possible. Each exercise is thoroughly explored with references to the original work of Joseph Pilates within the framework of contemporary applications. The results are proven time and again as our worldwide network of Master Instructors, dedicated to the enrichment of the curriculum and supporting student development and growth, continue to educate the next generation of quality Pilates instructors.

And the opportunities are limitless. Beyond your education, the Balanced Body network offers you “real world,” practical support opportunities in the form of mentoring, networking, and of course, job opportunities. Our global reach means you are not limited geographically and may use your training to travel and work almost anywhere you want in the world. Pilates is truly a life-changing force once we put it in motion!

The Balanced Body community is an open tent that welcomes and values all styles of teaching and training. We cherish individual voices, open minds, and curiosity which is why we also have a Bridge program that can be customized and designed to meet your specific goals and needs.

Choosing who to study with is a big decision, and there are many well-qualified programs.  My best advice is to select the training that best meets your needs, and lifestyle, and aligns with your values.  Your passion is key to your success…you’ll know a program is “the one” when you feel that same passion staring back at you!

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Joy Puleo, Director of Education
Balanced Body®

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