Third International Conference on Computational Science, Engineering and Information Technology (CCSEIT-2013)

Venue : KTO Karatay University
June 07 & 08, 2013 Konya,Turkey

Program Schedule 1

Hall - 1

June 07, 2013

Time Session 1

Chair :  William R Simpson, Institute for Defense Analyses, USA

08:00 - 09:00AM


09:00 - 09:15AM

Welcome Message : Ali Okatan, KTO Karatay University, Turkey

09:15 - 10:00AM

Invited Talk :  William R Simpson, Institute for Defense Analyses, USA

10:00 - 10:45AM

Invited Talk :  Sevki S Erdogan, University of Hawaii, Hilo, USA

10:45 - 11:00AM -------------Break--------------
11:00 - 11:45AM

Invited Talk :  Sevil Sen, Hacettepe University, Turkey

11.45 - 12.15PM
A Tool for Comparing Outbreak Detection Algorithms           (Yasin Şahin)
12.15 - 12.45PM
Urban Traffic Management System by Videomonitoring          (Jose Raniery Ferreira Junior)
12.45 - 02.00PM -----------Lunch Break-----------

Session 2

Chair :  Sevki S Erdogan, University of Hawaii, Hilo, USA

02.00 - 02.30PM
Accelerating Super-Resolution Reconstruction Using GPU by CUDA           (Toygar Akgun and Murat Gevrekci)
02.30 - 03.00PM
Automatically Language Patterns Elicitation from Biomedical Literature          (Seyed Ziaeddin Alborzi)
03.00 - 03.30PM
A New Method for Estimation of Missing Data Based on Sampling Methods for Data Mining
(Rima Houari, Ahcene Bounceur, Tahar Kechadi, Tari Abdelkamel and Reinhardt Euler)
03.30 - 04.00PM
Integration Islamic Banking System Based on Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Service Bus
(Ako A. Jaafar and Dayang N.A. Jawawi)
04.00 - 04.30PM -----------Break-----------
04.30 - 05.00PM
Path Guided Abstraction Refinement for Safety Program Verification           (Aleb Nassima and Kechid Samir)
05.00 - 05.30PM
Symbolic Classification of Traffic Video Shots           (Elham Dallalzadeh, D.S. Guru and B.S Harish)
05.30 - 06.00PM
Block Updates on Truncated ULV Decomposition          (Jesse L. Barlow, Ebru Aydogan and Hasan Erbay)

June 08, 2013


Session 3

Chair :  Sevil Sen, Hacettepe University, Turkey
09:00 - 09:30AM On the Nearest Neighbor Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem       (Gozde KIZILATEŞ and Fidan NURİYEVA)
09:30 - 10:00AM Keywords Extraction via Multi-relational Network Construction       (Kai Lei, Hanhong Tang and Yifan Zeng)
10:00 - 10:30AM Complementary Problems For Subset-Sum And Change Making Problems           (Asli Guler and Urfat Nuriyev)
10:30 - 11:00AM -------------Break--------------
11.00 - 11.30AM
Optimized Multiple Description Coding for Temporal Video Scalability       (Roya Choupani, Stephan Wong and Mehmet Tolun)
11.30 - 12.00AM
An Estimate Frequency Assignment Approach for GSM New Cell Neighbours       (Pınar Tanrıverdi and H. Ali Mantar)
12.00 - 12.30AM
Design of Optimal Digital Fir Filter Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
(P.Uday Kumar, G.R.C.Kaladhara Sarma, S.Mohan Das and M.A.V.Kamalnath)
12.30 - 02.00PM -----------Lunch Break-----------

Session 4

Chair :  William R Simpson, Institute for Defense Analyses, USA
              Mehmet Celik, KTO Karatay University, Turkey

02.00 - 2.30PM
The design and implementation of a DTN naming system
(Lishui Chen, Songyang Wang, Zhenxi Sun, Changjiang Yan and Huijuan Rao)
02.30 - 03.00PM
Information retrieval with Porter stemmer: A new version for English (Wahiba Ben Abdessalem Karaa, Nidhal Gribâa)
03.00 - 03.30PM
Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Techniques for Arabic Documents  (Hanane Froud, Abdelmonaime Lachkar)
03.30 - 04.00PM
A Slippery window and VH2D Approach to Recognition Offline Arabic Words
(Ahlam MAQQOR, Akram HALLI, Khalide SATORI and Hamed TAIRI)
04.00 - 04.30PM -----------Break-----------
04.30 - 05.00PM Confirming the Design Gap    (Benjamin Menhorn and Frank Slomka)
05.00 - 05.30PM A Digital Forensic Investigation Model for Insider Misuse       
(Ikuesan R. Adeyemi, Shukor Abd Razak, Anazida Zainal and Nor Amira Nor Azhan)
05.30 - 06.00PM Encryption Time Comparison of AES on FPGA and Computer     (Yasin AKMAN and Tarık YERLİKAYA)

June 09, 2013 - Trip to Antalya